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How do I execute a quick trade on CoinMargin?

Please complete the following steps:

1. Quick Buy/Sell is an option to instantly acquire coins of choice at the latest rate posted on the Order Book.

2. The orders on the left side of the Order Book are offers to BUY coins.  The offers to buy are listed from the highest BID price a buyer is willing to pay to the lowest. 

3. On the right side of the Order Book you can click on offers to SELL, in which you will immediately sell coins at the highest rate offered and for the quantity offered at that best rate. 


1. All orders are conditional on there being sufficient coins in your CoinMargin account to fulfill the order whether buying or selling.

2. Quick Orders are subject to other Buyers and Sellers reviewing the Order Book at the same time. Quick Orders are not guaranteed at the displayed rate until the transaction closes.

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